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Major Events of the 3rd Crusade

List of Major Events of the Period (Battle or Siege Date Notes)
  • Baldwin IV Crowned King of Jerusalem 1174
  • Saladin becomes Sultan of Egypt 1174 This was the beginning of the Ayyubid dynasty.
  • Hama 1175 - Hama was taken from the Zengids by Saladin. 
  • Siege of Harim, Syria 1177 - Raymond III of Tripoli and Bohemund III of Antioch joined with Philip of Alsace and laid siege against Harim castle in Syria.
  • Mount Gisard November 25th 1177 - Saladin was marching his army towards Jerusalem. Thinking he was safe, he allowed his army to spread out. Baldwin IV attacked and defeated the surprised Muslim Army.
  • Tell Jezer, Ramla 1177 - 375 Templers surprised Saladin commanding a small force. Saladin tried to form his men up but the Templers moved to swiftly and routed the Muslims. Saladin was lucky to escape after mounting a camel.
  • Hims 1178 - Saladin was camped beneath the walls of Hims. Here he skirmished with the crusaders for a few days without any major encounter.
  • Hama 1178 - At Hama Saladin won a victory and captured many prisoners. All the prisoners were executed.
  • Marj'Ayyun June 10th 1178 - An Ayyubid army commanded by Saladin defeated a Crusader army led by King Baldwin IV.
  • Banias 1179 - While leading a cattle raid, Baldwin IV was surprised by Farrukh Shah (Saladin’s Nephew). The Christian forces were routed.
  • Latani River 1179 - Responding to cavalry raids, Baldwin IV led a force to remove the threat. This he did but then ran in to Saladin’s main army and was routed.
  • Siege at Jacobs Ford August 23rd 117 - 1179 Baldwin IV was trying to build a castle at the strategic river crossing, Jacobs ford 100 miles north of Jerusalem. Saladin lay siege to the part built castle. Baldwin IV set out from Jerusalem with reinforcements but arrived too late and turned around. 1500 Christian soldiers were lost and the castle destroyed.
  • Quneitra 1179 - Baldwin led a force to Quneitra, east of the Golan Heights. Expecting to raid cattle, he was surprised by an Ayyubid army led by Farrukh-Shah and soundly beaten.
  • Naval raid by Reynald de Chatillon to Red sea. 1182 - He attacks coastal towns and villages but achieves no long term goals.
  • Siege of Christian Habis Jaldak in the Latin Principality of Galilee 1182 - Saladin's nephew, Farrukh Shah raided Galilee. Before his return to Damascus he captured the Frankish castle and the few Franks defending it
  • Conquest of Mesopotamian hinterland May 1182 - Saladin takes half the Ayyubid army and conquers Mesopotamia including Aleppo and Edessa. This campaign was fought by the Ayyubids against a mix of people including Mamlukes, Abbasids, Almohads and Bedouins.
  • Siege of Christian Kerak 1183 - The siege failed. Ayyubids raid in force attacking Zir’in, Forbelet, Mount Tabor 1183 The Muslim army was too big to stop, but these raids led to the battle of Al-Fule.
  • Al-Fule 1183 - A week long battle ends in the retreat of Saladin’s army.
  • Siege of Christian Kerak 1184 - The siege failed
  • Death of Baldwin IV 16th March 1185 
  • Baldwin V King of Jerusalem 1185 - Although crowned as co-ruler in November 1183, he became King in 1185. He was the son of Sibylla and died of leprosy soon after becoming sole Regent.
  • Reynald de Chattlion attacks several Muslim caravans. 1185 - Legend says Saladin’s sister was on one of the caravans. There is conflicting evidence to show she wasn't there.
  • Sibylla and Guy de Lusignan Crowned Queen and King of Jerusalem. 1186 - Guy and Sibylla had married in 1180, both were then crowned together in 1186. Sibylla died in October 1190. Guy retained the title King of Jerusalem .
  • Cresson Springs May 1st 1187 - Crusaders from Kerak are ambushed and killed
  • Battle of the Horns of Hattin July 4th 1187 - Army of Jerusalem destroyed, King Guy captured and Raynald captured then executed.
  • Siege of Christian Jerusalem 1187 - Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin after successful negotiations by Balian of Ibelin.
  • Saladin lays siege and captures all the remaining Christian land except Tyre 1187 - With Jerusalem’s army destroyed, most cities and castles surrendered without a fight as there are no soldiers to defend them.
  • Siege of Christian Tyre 1187 - Saladin failed to successfully siege Tyre.
  • Pope Gregory dies 1187 - He died of a broken heart after hearing about the loss of Jerusalem.
  • Frederick Barbarossa starts Crusade 1189 - He sets out from Germany with a huge army, Saladin is worried on hearing the news.
  • Siege of Muslim Acre 1189 - Guy de Lusignan raises a new army and tries to re-capture Acre.
  • Great battle of Acre 1189 - Saladin beats Guy, but fails to break the siege.
  • Barbarossa dies crossing a river 1190 - His death is a huge blow. His army breaks up, most going home but part of the army continues on the Acre.
  • Acre 1190 - Saladin beats Guy, but fails to break the siege.
  • Sack of Massina 1190 - Richard I sacks Massina, Sicily. owned by Tancred.
  • Battle of Cyprus May 6th 1191 - Richard captures Cyprus on his way to Outremer.
  • Richard I and Philip II Reach Outremer, landing at Acre. May & June 1191 - Philip arrived May 20th before Richard as Richard sailed to Cyprus first. Richard Landed on the 8th June.
  • Siege of Muslim Acre 1189-1191 - Acre surrenders after Guy receives help from Richard I and Philip II of France. Acre becomes the new Capital of Jerusalem.
  • Leopold V leaves for home 1191 - At Acre Leopold's flag was thrown from the city walls at Richard I request, Leopold enraged went home. Richard I would regret this action at a later date.
  • Philip II of France sails home 31st July 1191 - Quarrels with Richard I led to Philip II sailing back home to France, Leaving Richard as sole commander of all Crusader forces.
  • Arsouf September 7th 1191 - Richard beats Saladin in an epic battle on the coast road to Jaffa.
  • Siege of Muslim Ascalon 1191 - Richards takes Ascalon instead of heading straight for Jerusalem.
  • Skirmish at Muslim Darum 1192 - Richard I rescues 12,000 Christians being taken to Darum castle.
  • Siege of Muslim Darum 1192 - Without the French, Richard I lay siege and captured the castle. The banner of Stephen de Longchamp was the first raised above the walls, second belonging to the Earl of Leicester.
  • Skirmish near Jerusalem 1192 - A Frankish supply caravan was ambushed coming from Jaffa. After a hard fight the 200 Muslim cavalry were beaten off after the Earl of Leicester came to the rescue.
  • Battle for the caravans 1192 - While at Betenoble deciding on attacking Jerusalem, Richard is informed about a huge Muslim supply caravan coming from Babylon. With 500 Knights and sergeants and 1000 infantry they attacked and captured the caravan, killing over 1700 Muslim cavalry and many more infantry. Their prize included 4700 camels.
  • Siege of Christian Jaffa July 1192 - Saladin lays siege and captures most of the city. Richard being at Acre gathers a small force of about 2200 men and sails down the coast to successfully relieve the city.
  • Jaffa August 1192 - Richard being heavily outnumbered, fights off numerous Muslim attacks after camping outside the walls of Jaffa. Forming a shield wall, the crusaders fought off wave after wave of cavalry charges. Richards crossbows played a pivotal role from behind the spearmen.
  • Peace agreed between Richard I and Saladin September 1192 - Richard sets sail for England in October 1192. He's captures and imprisoned at Durnstein in Austria until a large ransom is paid in 1194. End of 3rd Crusade.
  • Death of Saladin March 4th 1193 - Died of a fever and is buried in a mausoleum in Damascus Syria.
  • Death of Richard I April 6th 1199 - Richard died after fighting in France. He was shot with a crossbow between his neck and shoulder on 25th March. He died of gangrene 2 weeks later.
  • Philip II dies peacefully July 14th 1223


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  2. I sold the ECW collection to a friend, so it's up to him if he fancies featuring it all in a blog. Apart from the stuff you have seen, there was loads more units to feature, so Danny might chose to do this at some point.

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    1. Maybe when I drop off the remaining units, we can discuss how you might wish to progress this idea mate?