The English Civil War (1642-1651) started when Charles I raised his royal standard in Nottingham. The split between Charles and Parliament was such that neither side was willing to back down over the principles that they held and war was inevitable as a way in which all problems could be solved. The country split into those who supported the King and those who supported Parliament – the classic ingredients for a civil war. This blog will record my wargaming journey through the English Civil War using 28mm miniatures.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sir Henry Bard's Regiment of Foote

Colours to the rear!!
Sir Henry Bard's Regiment of Foote was a northern unit, originally called Colonel Thomas Pinchbeck's Regiment of Foote. Raised in Northumberland. It arrived in Oxford in May 1643 under the command of Colonel Thomas Pinchbeck. Half of Pinchbeck's regiment was split from the regiment under Bard's command to form Lord Percey's Foote. Pinchbeck was killed at the first battle of Newbury, and Bard took control of Pinchbeck's half of the regiment, hence the name change. The regiment's first major conflict under its new commanding officer was at Cheriton Wood. It was a disaster; records suggest that a week later the regiment numbered 176 men.


  1. Great looking unit! This is another unit I have the flags and the fig's sitting there just waiting for some paint.

  2. Terrific! I do love those flags- who makes them?

    1. flagdude mate, follow the link on the side of my blog

  3. Inspiring work on these. Shading and color selection are spot on and the brush work crisp.