The English Civil War (1642-1651) started when Charles I raised his royal standard in Nottingham. The split between Charles and Parliament was such that neither side was willing to back down over the principles that they held and war was inevitable as a way in which all problems could be solved. The country split into those who supported the King and those who supported Parliament – the classic ingredients for a civil war. This blog will record my wargaming journey through the English Civil War using 28mm miniatures.

Monday, 1 September 2014

English Civil War Gaming Scenarios (Vol 1)

English Civil War Gaming Scenarios (Vol 1) features the following battles: The Battle of Newburn - August 1640, Powick Bridge - 23rd  September 1642, The Battle of Ripple Field - 13th April 1643, The Battle of Whalley - 20th April 1643, The Battle of Roundway Down - 13th JULY 1643, The Battle of Cheriton - 1644, The Battle of Alford - 2nd July 1645, The Battle of Philpaugh - 1645, The Fight for Dumfries and Galloway - 1651, The Battle of Worcester - 3rd September 1651, The Battle for the Capital - 1659. Plus guidelines on English Civil War Uniforms & Equipment. This book also contains 4 pages of ECW colour wargaming flags for 25mm, 15mm and 6mm 

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